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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Good shooting, boy! I'm right proud of you, Johnny!"

- - Uncle Ben, to Johnny Bart, page 3

Before there was a Rawhide Kid!


Rawhide Kid #17
August 1960 • 25 pages + cover

Publication Date: March 28, 1960

Letters Page: No letters page was published in this issue

I: Rawhide Kid: "Beware! The Rawhide Kid"

Job Number: T-797

Pages: 7

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Dick Ayers
Letters: Unknown

First Appearance: Johnny Bart/Rawhide Kid, Ben Bart, Nightwind

Featured Characters: Hawk Brown, Spade, Ben Bart

Origin: Rawhide Kid

Death: Ben Bart

Settings: Rawhide, TX

Synopsis: The whole town of Rawhide, TX, shrinks in fear as the Rawhide Kid walks into the city limits. But as he remembers the time when he was just a kid, living on the range with his Uncle Ben Bart, Johnny Bart recalls the times he would practice his shooting, perfecting his draw and working on his aim. One day, while he was away, Hawk Brown and his partner Spade stalked his Uncle Ben - who was known as the quickest gun around - and shot him in the back.

Johnny Bart realizes he was shot in the back, and swears to his dead uncle's grave that he'll pays back the men that murdered him. He heads into Rawhide and overhears Hawk Brown bragging that he outdrew Ben Bart fair and square. He challenges Hawk Brown to a quick draw and shoots his guns out of his hands, then shoots behind his back to knock the guns out of Spade's hands! They confess to the murder and the marshall takes them into custody.

Johnny decides to leave behind the life he had known in Rawhide, dedicating his life to fighting jaspers like Hawk and Spade, and he rides off into the night on the back of his horse, Nightwind.

II: Text Story: "Dynamite Trail"”

Job Number: F-902

Pages: 2

Script: Unknown

Featured Characters: Bob Haliing, Tim Haling, Rade Kaydon

Settings: K Bar K Ranch

Synopsis: Rade Kaydon's plan to irrigate his ranch land could lead to the K Bar K Ranch going dry, and young Tim Haling has a plan to solve the problem that will shock his father!

III: Rawhide Kid: "Stagecoach to Shotgun Gap!"”

Job Number: T-798

Pages: 6

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Dick Ayers
Letters: Unknown

Featured Characters: Red, Slim, Tommy, Nightwind

Settings: Shotgun Gap

Synopsis: Rawhide Kid helps protect a stage coach from a robbery by range bandits!

IV: Western Story: "With Gun In Hand"”

Job Number: T-800

Pages: 5

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Don Heck
Inks: Don Heck
Letters: Unknown

Featured Characters: Joe Cooper, Les Cooper, Calhoun, Natchez

Settings: Wayneville

Synopsis: Joe Cooper and his cousin Les are looking for work as range hands, but it's hard to get a job when Joe won't carry a gun! They wind up in a pickle when they're harrassed in Wayneville by a fellow named Calhoun.

V: Rawhide Kid: "When the Rawhide Kid Turned...Outlaw!"”

Job Number: T-799

Pages: 5

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Dick Ayers
Letters: Unknown

Featured Characters: Clay Rockwell, Sam Barker

Origin: Rawhide Kid

Settings: Arrowhead Pass, Big-R Ranch, Circle-B Ranch

Synopsis: Rawhide Kid saunters into the Big-R Ranch and meets Clay Rockwell, who offers him a job investigating some of his cattle being russled. He discovers who is at the bottom of the plot, but has a showdown with Sam Barker, shooting his guns out of his hands. The sherriff mistakes the Rawhide Kid's motives and tries to arrest him, but the Kid flees on the back of Nightwind. From that day forward, he became a wanted man.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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