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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"He headed for what he calls his Forbidden Chamber! He's got some kinda mechanical owl in there! It's the mostdangerous thing in the whole blamed world!"

-- One of the Owl's thugs, p. 11

Look out, DD! You're being chased by some kinda mechanical owl! The most dangerousthing in the whole blamed world!

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Daredevil #21
October 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Gene Colan
Inks: Frank Giacoia, Dick Ayers & Bill Everett

Title: “The Trap is Sprung”

Villain: The Owl

First Appearance: Judge Lewis

Guest Appearance: Judge Lewis

Innovations: The Owl's Forbidden Chamber, Electrical Owl

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Synopsis: (continued from DD #20)

The Owl heckles Daredevil as he is stuck behind the iron bars of his bird cage. He slowly pushes the cage out over a deep and seemingly bottomless pit and then opens the floor. DD falls but grabs hold of the bars, clinging for life, but the sadistic Owl pushes a button that sends an electric charge through the bars. DD uses his billy club cable to lash onto the line holding the cage in the air. He swings back to the edge of the put and lands atop a bunch of the Owl's goons. The Owl fires a gun towards DD, but the hero lashes his billy club cable around his ankle and spins him like a top. The Owl's goons come to his aid, and meanwhile, more of the ceiling of the ancient island aerie begins to crumble as the volcanic segments of the ground begin to move. DD realizes their time is limited, and wants to grab Judge Lewis and escape before it gets worse.

The Owl begins to run away, challenging Daredevil to chase him. As they fly down the corridor, the Owl is laying his plan to lead DD into his "Forbidden Chamber", in which he hopes to finally destroy him. DD wonders what sinister scheme might lie ahead as he races down the cave, and more volcanic explosions begin erupting. The Owl reaches his Forbidden Chamber first, and prepares his gigantic, electric, mechanized owl to attack the Man Without Fear.

Up above, Judge Lewis and the Owl's thugs start getting nervous about the escalating tectonic activity. Daredevil charges into the Owl's Forbidden Chamber, finding the villain activating the controls of the electric owl. The flying mechanical terror takes off after DD, swooping over the hero as he dodges out of the way. He throws his billy club at the Owl's control panel, hoping to destroy his control over the beast. But soon a massive quake erupts, redirecting the Owl's attention to escaping the island on the back of the flying robot owl. Daredevil realizes he needs to save his skin- and Judge Lewis', too- so he hitches a ride on the owl along with his foe. The Owl tries to boot him off the flying bird, but Daredevil isn't about to give up his escape vehicle. In leaping across the Owl to tackle DD, he leaps too far and loses his grip on the giant bird, but he floats down using his power of flight to escape.

Daredevil learns very quickly with his heightened sense of touch how to steer the electric owl, and swoops down over the island, trying to detect Judge Lewis' heartbeat. He tracks in on it and soars down, grabbing the judge and pulling him up to safety, as they fly to safety on the back of the owl, the island volcano finally exploding in the background.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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