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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"If this were on TV, or in a comic book, I'd say the writer had flipped! But Plunder actually pulled it off!”

-- Daredevil, p. 14

Matt Murdock puts the word "dare" in Daredevil!

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Daredevil #14
March 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: John Romita
Inks: Frank Giacoia (credited as Frankie Ray)

Title: “If This Be Justice...!”

Villain: The Plunderer, Boswell, Feepers

First Appearance: General Cartwright

Guest Appearance: Ka-Zar, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, General Cartwright

Death: Feepers

Innovations: First named appearance of Boswell, first appearance of "Plunder-Stone"

Gadgets & Technology: Vibra-Ray Gun

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

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Synopsis: (continued from DD #13)

The man who shot Ka-Zar and Daredevil down- an espionage agent named Boswell- creeps down near them and reclaims Ka-Zar's half of the medallion. He then quickly speeds off to meet Feepers. Daredevil awakens, sees the car driving away, and latches onto it with the grappling cord of his billy club. He hitches a ride on the roof of the car and follows Boswell around to the castle. Inside the window, he sees Lord Plunder assaulting Feepers and demanding to know where the medallion is. Boswell sneaks up behind with a gun drawn and tells Plunder to release Feepers, and just as Boswell fires, he leaps out of the way, and Boswell's bullet strikes Feepers, killing him dead. A swift kick to the head from Plunder knocks Boswell out, and he grabs the medallion from him.

As Plunder cackles about his good fortune, walking down to his dungeon where he will activate the crypt-opening mechanism, DD strikes! He leaps towards Plunder, who jumps out of the way and grabs a battle axe off the castle wall and swings it at the hero. But it disintegrates once in proximity with the medallion, as the strange ore is anathema to metal! Just then, the police arrive with Ka-Zar tied up. Plunder tells the police to arrest Daredevil, as he is responsible for all the carnage. They chase after him, but DD escapes out an upper window. The police tell him they will track Daredevil down, and Plunder recommends they move Ka-Zar to a jail cell. His brother from the jungle warns him this is an indignity he will never forget!

Lord Plunder eagerly heads down to crack open the vault that holds the vibrating ore his father stored away many years previous. He waves the medallion in front of it and it cracks open, revealing the pile of ore for the first time; he deems it "Plunder-Stone" and immediately sets out to devise a weapon with it. He invents a Vibra-Ray gun that destroys metal that it is fired upon. Finally, he crafts a costume and gives himself a name of villainy: The Plunderer! Thus, he is ready to dedicate himself to becoming "monarch of mankind!"

Meanwhile, Daredevil knows he must stop Plunder, but he also knows he must help Ka-Zar get free. He sends a communique to Foggy, alerting him that he's okay. Foggy and Karen are delighted to get the information that their friend Matt Murdock is still alive, and they are requested to fly immediately to London to help mount a defense for Ka-Zar.

The Plunderer has outfitted his pirate army with costumes similar to his, and hands out newly forged weapons with the power to destroy metal. Daredevil waits until the group heads out and catches up with one lone sentry straggling behind and bonks him on the head. He dons the costume to filter into the Plunderer's band, and they board his submarine and are off to make their first conquest. As Foggy and Karen disembark from their plane, planning Ka-Zar's defense, the Plunderer's sub rises up out of the water before a navy base in the North Atlantic. The Plunderer and his men launch an attack against the astonished and well-armed military men, but shortly they find their metal-based weapons disintegrating in their hands! The top brass of the military site meet with the Plunderer, who tells them whatever reinforcements that come in will meet the same fate. He then threatens to fire one of their nuclear missiles to prove he means business!

Unable to wait any longer, Daredevil rips off his disguise and leaps into battle. While dodging enemy fire with his incredible athletic skills, DDfigures out a way to defeat the Plunderer and his vibrating ore! He shouts out so all can hear, including the defense commands that are connected across the planet via intercom, that the Plunderers guns are made of plastic, and thus not capable of being destroyed. With his secret out there, Daredevil reassures the villain that it won't be long before armies start making weapons out of plastic so they can overtake him.

Back in court, Foggy nervously waits for Matt to arrive to help with Ka-Zar's defense. The jungle man is locked in chains, and after waiting a long time without being released, he uses his incredible strength to break free of them, then bashes the jury box apart he is held in. The bailiffs launch sleeping gas pellets at him, knocking him out.

Daredevil finally gets the upper hand on the Plunderer, outclassing him in battle and knocking him out with a hard kick to the head. Thus defeated, DD encourages him to spill the truth about his brother Ka-Zar, to help him win his release from imprisonment. His brother admits that Ka-Zar had nothing to do with the murder of Feepers back at his castle, and should be set free, then is carted off to jail.

As Ka-Zar rests in a hospital ward, Matt reunites with his friends Karen and Foggy. Foggy is jealous of the way Karen lights up in his presences. As Matt reflects on the bravery of his new friend Ka-Zar, they leave London, with his friends wondering how he got out of the sticky mess on the cruise line. Matt wonders how he's going to pull off making up a good story about that!

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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