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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"At ease, lawyer man! In my native habitat, I can swap satirical sallies with the best of them!”

-- Spider-Man, to Matt Murdock, p. 2

Daredevil takes aim at a high-flying blimp. (If you want to see the spectacular blimp explosion, you gottabuy the book, sparky!!!!)

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Daredevil #17
June 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: John Romita
Inks: Frank Giacoia (credited as Frankie Ray)

Title: “None Are So Blind...!”

Villain: Masked Marauder

First Appearance: J.W.

Guest Appearance: Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, J. Jonah Jameson, J.W.

Cameo: Aunt May

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Synopsis: (continued from DD #16)

Spider-Man threatens to pummel Foggy Nelson, who he thinks is Daredevil. Karen tries to persuade Spidey that Foggy isn't Daredevil, and after sizing up Foggy's build, he thinks perhaps his spider-sense might be wrong, never thinking that the blind man next to him is actually who he's after! He tells Foggy that whether he admits it or not, that Daredevil shouldn't mess around with him any more, then he hops out the window and heads off. As Karen and Matt discuss how crazy it is that Spider-Man thought Foggy would be Daredevil, Foggy interrupts, leaving the impression with Karen that maybe Spider-Man isn't wrong. He thinks that in so doing, he can raise Karen's estimation of him, in the hopes she will fall in love with him if he seems more heroic. Matt can't figure out why his friend would go so far to impress Karen, but says nothing to stop him.

As the trio go their seperate ways at the end of the day, Matt changes into Daredevil and gleefully wings his way around the city, luxuriating in his skills as the super-hero. By the World Motors Building, he overhears the executives inside discussing the theft of the XB-390 engine by the Masked Marauder. They realize that he neglected to steal the formula for the fuel that powers the engine, but still, with the engine in the hands of the villain, the national defense is at risk should it fall into enemy hands. DD realizes he's got to help crack the case, and figures to use this information to help. He goes to J. Jonah Jameson and asks him to play along with his plan, and since it implies Spider-Man might have something to do with it, JJJ is all for it! He goes on TV and announces that the Masked Marauder (and "his partner" Spider-Man, as JJJ puts it) neglected to steal the formula, making the engine useless. Peter Parker overhears this and flips out, wondering why JJJ would give the super-villain such an idea that he needed to rob the World Motors people again! He figures he'll stake the place out, and make sure Daredevil doesn't get in his way, either!

The Masked Marauder overhears this and figures he needs to steal the fuel formula. And when the executives at World Motors hear JJJ blabbering on live TV, they can't figure out what his purpose is. The CEO, a fellow named J.W., calls in special security to guard his building. Daredevil prepares for the big showdown later that night, as he's sure the Masked Marauder will return. When Karen arrives at the office, Matt is there, returned from his patrol. Foggy shows up early to work on the "Ka-Zar reports", and he senses that Karen has a newfound respect when speaking to him. He feels like he's being a fraud by implying to her that he's Daredevil in his secret life, but anything that gets her attention he seems willing to do in spite of himself.

Later that evening, near the World Motors Center, both Spider-Man and Daredevil show up to guard against the Masked Marauder. Once again, tensions flare, as each hero thinks the other is complicit in helping the villain. After pummeling on each other for a while, a giant blimp comes floating overhead. Spidey's spider-sense triggers, and he knows he's got bigger tasks awaiting him than taking on Daredevil. They both come to realize that the Masked Marauder is making his big move.

The blimp- emblazoned with the name "WORLD MOTORS" on the side- lowers itself as two security guards hired by J.W. look on unsuspectingly. Inside is the Masked Marauder and his goons. They land on the rooftop and the Marauder takes them out with his opti-blast. Spider-Man makes the scene, making swift work of a bunch of the Marauder's thugs, and the villain raves at him for upsetting his precise time-table of action. He blasts Spidey with his concussive opti-blast, knocking him out of action for a moment. But Daredevil leaps down to continue the fight. The Masked Marauder aims his opti-blast at Daredevil and issues a full-frontal assault on DD's eyes, but since he's blind, it has no effect on him. The astonished Marauder babbles on about how DD should be falling, but Daredevil stands none the less, and he whacks the Marauder a few times but good!

While the villainous Marauder lies stunned, Daredevil sees his goons preparing to climb the ladder to the blimp. With his radar sense, he sizes up a shot at the blimp with a pistol, causing a massive blimp explosion on the roof of the World Motors Building! Once the blimp carnage dies down, DD rounds up as many goons as he can and hands them over to authorities. The Masked Marauder overtakes a security guard and steals his uniform so he makes a clean getaway. But Daredevil explains to the police that Spider-Man had absolutely nothing to do with the Marauder's escapade.

Karen rushes up to Foggy near the World Motor Building, where the hubbub over the blimp explosion is finally dying down. He plays coy with her, once more implying that perhaps he is Daredevil. He thinks to himself what a heel he is for doing this, but he cannot resist trying to look heroic and admirable in the eyes of Karen Page.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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