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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Surprised to see Blast-Ray guns rather than blunderbusses, my hearties? Our profession may be an ancient one...butrest assured our methods are worthy of this enlightened atomic age!”

-- Lord Parnival Plunder, while assaulting Matt Murdock's cruise ship, p. 7

Somewhere in the inner workings of Jack Kirby's mind, the seeds of Devil Dinosaurmust be forming!

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Daredevil #12
January 1966 • 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee • Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils/Inks: John Romita • Layouts: Jack Kirby

Title: “Sightless, In A Savage Land!”

Villain: Lord Parnival Plunder/The Plunderer

First Appearance: Lord Parnival Plunder, Maa-Gor

Guest Appearance: Ka-Zar, Zabu

Cameo: Swamp Men, Maa-Gor; Electro, Mr. Fear, Sub-Mariner, Ape Man, Bird Man, Cat Man, Frog Man, the Organizer, Stilt-Man, Matador, the Owl, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson (all in flashback)

Innovations: Skull Island

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Synopsis: Matt Murdock decides to walk away from the life he has known to allow his friends Foggy and Karen to work out the emotionshe thinks they have for each other, even though he is sorely mistaken. He heads home to pack his bags for his long ocean cruise, and reflects on the memories he has of his times in New York. He loses himself in thought so long that he realizes he only has five minutes to getto the pier where his boat is leaving from. He decides the only way to do it is as Daredevil! He gets into his costume and flings and swings himself across the city rooftops, hitching rides on the bumpers of cars and jumping off bridges to make it to the docks, where he changesback into civilian clothes and is pampered after as a "blind man" by the ship's crew.

As the ship sets sail into the deep ocean, it is overtaken by Plunderer, a mythical pirate that sends the ship occupants into a frenzy of fear.The pirate ship overtakes the cruise liner, and the pirates mob the civilians on deck with high-tech weaponry. Matt changes into Daredeviltogs and starts to take out his share of pirates in defense of the ship.

Across the planet, in the strange Savage Land, Ka-Zar and Zabu have a fun day out in the fields trying to tame a wild Tyrannosaurus Rex. After having their fun, Ka-Zar sees a band of Swamp Men sailing down the river towards Skull Island, breaking Ka-Zar's proclamation to not set foot on its shores. He sits back to watch and wait for the right time to attack...

Back on board the cruise ship, Daredevil is giving the pirates a run for their money when the Plunderer threatens to walk some of the ship's crew off the plank. Seeing this, Daredevil drops his attack and surrenders. Ironically, the Plunderer allows the ship to float away free, taking only Daredevil as his prize possession. He bids Daredevil to join him in his pirate band, and shows off the high-tech ship they float in. At his command, it folds up into the shape of a submarine and dives under the water. As they go to the captain's quarters to talk, DD decides to sit back and monitor the situation, not quite sure what he's dealing with. Lord Parnival Plunder gives DD a choice- join him, or die! They finally make it to their location, the Savage Land hidden inside Antarctica. Plunder sees Skull Island burning in flames and thinks that it was probably the Swamp Men who attacked. "They shall not attack my realm!" he exclaims and sets out to punish them.

From above, Ka-Zar sees the submarine floating towards the shore, and then Plunder lands and has his men pull his supplies ashore. Ka-Zar and Zabu swing down to attack, with Daredevil getting into the mix. Ka-Zar gives DD a stiff left hook and down he goes. Then, the jungle man launches himself at Plunder's men, knocking them all back. Plunder sizes up Ka-Zar in his blaster gun sights, but Ka-Zar hurls a rock that throws off his aim and sends his laser fire shooting into an ammo cache. Explosions rocket all over, with Daredevil struggling to get up as everyone runs away. The Man Without Fear realizes he's lost his radar sense in his fight with Ka-Zar, and he is now literally blind! A piece of shrapnel catches his arm and knocks him down near the flames.

Ka-Zar swings down and saves the man who fought him with much courage. On the back of Zabu, he rides with Daredevil's limp body to a cave, then sets out to find the juice of the Ju-Ju plant, the only herb which can help save Daredevil from his injuries. While Zabu stands watch over DD, Ka-Zar must face a giant killer plant to get at the Ju-Ju berries. He is grabbed by the tentacles of the plant, and his screams draw Zabu to his rescue. But while Daredevil is not being monitored, Maa-Gor, last of the Ape Men, makes his way into the cave, standing threateningly over Daredevil....

(continued in DD #13)

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Issues Reprinted
Daredevil #12-21

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