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Let's face it: as wrong as it may sound, not everything will make it into hardcover! Even though we know it must be some diabolical plot or persecution, each hardcover junkie will at times have to cut corners and buy a trade paperback of their favorite comics when they know a HC is not in the offing.

There's a veritable ton of collected editions material out there, and most of it is in the form of trade paperbacks. Not as sturdy or luxurious as hardcovers, no...but just as capable of delivering comics reading pleasure! This section of the Marvel Masterworks collected edition library will allow you to browse the most current offerings of Marvel's trade paperback (TPB) publishing history.

Since there are so many different trade paperbacks, the Marvel TPB Library will be broken up over a few different pages. X-MEN UNIVERSE and ULTIMATE UNIVERSE titles will share a library page, while the remaining elements of the MARVEL UNIVERSE will have their own page. (Also, there will be a different page for CLASSIC TRADES and CURRENT TRADES. I had to choose an semi-arbitrary line to demarcate between classic and current, so I chose the Onslaught/Heroes Reborn era of Marvel as the dividing line.)

To your right is a series of lists, some of which are linked to live feature pages dedicated to the trades. Underneath this introduction is a list of upcoming Marvel TPBs. This page will add more and more content as time goes on. For another excellent list of collected editions, check out Rob Helmerich's TP LIST, an absolutely insane (in a good way!) resource website!

Hope you dig this library page, and feel free to drop me an email if you would like to contribute any feebdack, ideas, or website content!

Right now, only this page is live, but opon my return from a trip overseas, I will post the other library pages. Until then....

- - Your pal in comix, Gormuu

Upcoming Marvel Trade Paperbacks

Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do
reprints Spider-Man/Black Cat #1-6
by Kevin Smith and Terry Dodson
DUE 4/25

Criminal Vol. 1: Coward
reprints Criminal #1-6
DUE 5/2

Civil War: Front Line Book 2
reprints Civil War: Front Line #7-11
by Paul Jenkins, Ramon Bachs, Steve Lieber, Lee Weeks and others
DUE 5/9

Blade: Undead Again
reprints Blade #1-6
DUE 5/9

Civil War: War Crimes
reprints Civil War: War Crimes and Underworld #1-5
DUE 5/16

Amazing Spider-Girl Vol. 1: Whatever Happened to the Daughter of Spider-Man
reprints Amazing Spider-Girl #0-6
DUE 5/16

Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four
reprints Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four #1-5
DUE 5/16

Doctor Strange: The Oath
reprints Doctor Strange: The Oath #1-5
DUE 5/23

Black Panther: Civil War
reprints Black Panther #19-25
DUE 5/23

Powers Vol. 11: Secret Identity
reprints Powers (Vol. 2) #19-24
DUE 5/23

Hellstorm: Son of Satan - Equinox
reprints Hellstorm #1-5
DUE 5/23

Avengers Next: Rebirth
reprints Avengers Next #1-5
DUE 5/30

Civil War Companion
reprints Civil War Files, Civil War: Battle Damage Report, Marvel Spotlight: Mark Millar/Steve McNiven, Marvel Spotlight: Civil War Aftermath and Daily Bugle: Civil War Special Edition
DUE 5/30

Civil War: Iron Man
reprints Iron Man #13-14, Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War and Civil War: The Confession
DUE 6/6

Civil War: Marvel Universe
reprints Civil War: Choosing Sides, Civil War: The Return, She-Hulk #8 and Civil War: The Initiative
DUE 6/6

Bullet Points
reprints Bullet Points #1-5
DUE 6/6

Fantastic Four/Inhumans
reprints Inhumans (2000) #1-4 and Fantastic Four #51-54
DUE 6/6

What If? Event Horizon
reprints What If? Avengers Disassembled, What If? Spider-Man: The Other, What If? Wolverine - Enemy of the State, What If? Age of Apocalypse and What If? Deadly Genesis
DUE 6/13

Thunderbolts: Guardian Protocols
reprints Thunderbolts #106-109
DUE 6/20

Paradise X Vol. 1 *new printing*
reprints Paradise X #0-5, Paradise X: Xen and Heralds #1-3
DUE 6/27

Union Jack: London Falling
reprints Union Jack #1-4
DUE 7/5

Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk
reprints Hyperion vs. Nighthawk #1-4
DUE 7/11

Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero
reprints Wonder Man #1-5
DUE 7/11

Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom
reprints Moon Knight #1-6
DUE 7/18

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Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker/
Spider-Man Universe

1: Coming Home
2: Revelations
3: Until Stars Turn Cold
4: Life & Death of Spiders
5: Unintended Consequences
6: Happy Birthday
7: The Book of Ezekiel
8: Sins Past
9: Skin Deep
10: New Avengers

The Other

Friendly Neighborhood

1: Derailed


1: A Day in the Life
2: One Small Break
3: Return of the Goblin
4: Trials and Tribulations
5: Senseless Violence

1: The Hunger
2: Countdown
3: Here There Be Monsters
4: Disassembled
5: Sins Remembered
6: Final Curtain

MK Spider-Man
1: Down Among the Dead Men
2: Venomous
3: The Last Stand
4: Wild Blue Yonder

Quality of Life
House of M: Spider-Man
Spider-Man: Blue
Spider-Man: Breakout
Spidey/Doc Ock: Negative Exposure
Spidey/Doc Ock: Year 1
Tangled Web 1
Tangled Web 2
Tangled Web 3
Tangled Web 4

1: Shiver
2: Run
3: Twist
Venom vs. Carnage
Toxin: Devil You Know


Alias Avengers Black Panther

1: Alias
2: Coming Home
3: The Underneath
4: Secret Origin of Jessica Jones

The Pulse
1: Thin Air
2: Secret War
3: Fear

Morgan Conquest
Supreme Justice
Clear & Present Dangers
Ultron Unlimited
Living Legends
Above and Beyond
Kang Dynasty
1: World Trust
2: Red Zone
3: Search for She-Hulk
4: Lionheart of Avalon
5: Once An Invader
Avengers Disassembled
NA 1: Breakout
NA 2: Sentry
NA 3: Secrets & Lies
Avengers Forever
Avengers/T'bolts 1
Avengers/T'bolts 2
Yesterday & Tomorrow


The Client
Enemy of the State

1: Who Is Black Panther
X-Men/Black Panther: Wild Kingdom
2: Bad Mutha
3: The Bride

Captain America/
Cap & the Falcon
Captain Marvel Cosmic Comics

To Serve And Protect

1: The New Deal
2: The Extremists
3: Ice
4: Cap Lives
5: Homeland

Cap & Falcon
1: Two Americas
2: Brothers & Keepers

1: Winter Soldier Vol. 1
2: Winter Soldier Vol. 2
3: Red Menace Vol. 1
4: Red Menace Vol. 2


First Contact

1: Nothing To Lose
2: Coven
3: Crazy Like A Fox
4: Odyssey

Silver Surfer

Captain Universe: Universal Heroes
Drax the Destroyer
Marvel Boy

1: Infinity Gauntlet
2: Infinity Abyss
3: The End
4: Epiphany
5: Samaritan


Daredevil Daredevil Universe Fantastic Four

1: Guardian Devil
2: Parts of a Hole
3: Wake Up
4: Underboss
5: Out
6: Lowlife
7: Hardcore
8: Echo- Vision Quest
9: King of Hell's Kitchen
10: The Widow
11: Golden Age
12: Decalogue
13: The Murdock Papers
Devil, Inside & Out V. 1

DD: Yellow
DD: Ninja
DD/ASM: Usual Suspects
DD: Redemption
Daredevil vs. Punisher

Black Widow
The Things They Say About Her

Bullseye: Greatest Hits

Daughters of the Dragon:
Samurai Bullets

The Scorpio Key
1: Introspect
2: Everything Old Is New
3: Relentless
4: Frenzy
Elektra: The Hand
Elektra: The Movie


Heroes Reborn
Flesh & Stone
Into the Breach
1: Imaginauts
2: Unthinkable
3: Authoritative Action
4: Hereafter
5: Disassembled
6: Rising Storm
FF By JMS Vol. 1

Marvel Knights 4
1: Wolf At the Door
2: Stuff of Nightmares
3: Divine Time
4: Impossible Things
Resurrection of Nicholas Scratch

FF: The Movie
FF: Foes
FF: First Family
FF: The Life Fantastic
House of M: FF/Iron Man
FF/Iron Man: Big In Japan
Thing: Freakshow
Thing: Idol of Millions
Unstable Molecules



Incredible Hulk Iron Man Marvel Crossovers

Dogs of War
1: Return of the Monster
2: Boiling Point
3: Transfer of Power
4: Abominable
5: Hide In Plain Sight
6: Split Decisions
7: Dead Like Me
8: Big Things
Tempest Fugit
House of M: Hulk
Prelude to Planet Hulk

Hulk: Gray


Mask In The Iron Man
Disassembled: Iron Man
House of M: FF/Iron Man
FF/Iron Man: Big in Japan
Iron Man: Inevitable


Earth X
Universe X
Paradise X

Apache Skies
Blaze of Glory

House of M
House of M: World of M
Last Hero Standing
Last Planet Standing
Marvel 1602
Marvel 1602: New World
Secret War
Untold Tales of the New Universe

Marvel Team-Up
1: The Golden Child
2: Master of the Ring
3: League of Losers


Marvel Heroes MAX Comics Punisher

Ares: God of War
Combat Zone
Death's Head 3.0
Fury: Peacemaker
Ghost Rider: Hammer Lane
GLA: Misassembled
Hercules: New Labors
Howard the Duck
Identity Disc
Invaders: To End All Wars
Man-Thing: Whatever Knows Fear
New Warriors: Reality Check
Sentry: Reborn
Shanna, the She-Devil
Strange: Beginnings and Endings
Union Jack

Single Green Female
Superhuman Law
3: Time Trials

What If?
What If...Why Not?
Mirror, Mirror

Young Avengers
1: Sidekicks
2: Family Matters


Rawhide Kid
Nick Fury: Fury
US War Machine

Supreme Power
1: Hyperion Project
2: Powers and Principalities
3: High Command
Dr. Spectrum:
Full Spectrum

1: Welcome Back, Frank
2: Army of One
3: Business As Usual
4: Full Auto
5: Streets of Laredo
6: Confederacy of Dunces

Punisher vs. Bullseye
Very Special Holidays

Punisher: Born
1: In the Beginning
2: Kitchen Irish
3: Mother Russia
4: Up Is Down Black Is White
5: The Slavers
6: Barracuda


Thor Thunderbolts

The Dark Gods
Across All Worlds
1: Death of Odin
2: Lord of Asgard
3: Gods on Earth
4: Spiral
5: The Reigning
6: Gods and Men
Disassembled: Thor
Thor: Vikings
Stormbreaker: Beta Ray Bill

Justice Like Lightning

1: How To Lose

1: One Step Forward
2: Modern Marvels
3: Right of Power