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Not every reprint book needs to be a $50 hardcover. In fact, it's a whole lot easier on our wallets and our bookshelves when Marvel decides to put out a nice little cheap digest collection instead.

For those of you who haven't heard, digests are the way of the future. Marvel tried them out a year or two ago, and some of them started selling like hotcakes. They're here to stay,so you'd better get used to them! If you're one of those folks who are averse to new formats, you'll be happy to hear that Marvel has decided to limit these digests (in general) to somewhat "simpler" material, or material aimed at a slightly younger market.

That's not to say that this material is beneath the "older reader" in any way shape or form. Some of these books have received LOADS of critical acclaim, like Runaways and Sentinel, and others, like Spider-Girl, are continuity-heavy, and deeply entrenched in their own little corners of the Marvel Universe.In fact, some of these books really are the BEST books that Marvel is currently putting out.

Others, like Power Pack, are satisfying on a far simpler level. These are stories from back when comic book stories only lasted one single issue, and you didn't need loads of back-material to know what was going on.

There's pretty much something for everyone here. The low list price is designed to draw you in, and as you can tell by the multiple volumes on books like Runaways and Spider-Girl, the stories are good enough to keep you coming back for more. (Oh, did I forget to mention the price?Some of these volumes can be bought for UNDER $5, depending on where you shop. So what are you waiting for?)

-- by cleazer


Upcoming Marvel Digests

Spider-Girl Presents J2: Secrets & Lies
collects J2 #1-6
Due: 3/15

Runaways Vol. 5: Escape to New York
collects Runaways #7-12
Due: 3/22

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Vol. 2
collects MAFF #5-8
Due: 4/5

X-Men/Power Pack: The Power of X
collects X-Men/Power Pack #1-4
Due: 4/19

X-Men: Firestar
collects Firestar #1-4
Due: 5/17

Sentinel Vol. 3: Past Imperfect
collects Sentinel (Vol. 2) #1-5
Due: 5/31

Recently Released Marvel Digests

Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects
collects The Imperfects #1-6

Scorpion: Poison Tomorrow
collects Amazing Fantasy #7-13

Machine Teen: History 101001
collects Machine Teen #1-5

Ororo: Before the Storm
collects Ororo: Before the Storm #1-4

Mega Morphs
collects Mega Morphs #1-4

Gravity: Big-City Super Hero
collects Gravity #1-5

Marvel Adventures FF Vol. 1: Family of Heroes
collects Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #1-4

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Arana Emma FrostMarvel Age Fantastic Four

1: Heart of the Spider
2: In the Beginning
3: Night of the Hunter

1: Higher Learning
2: Mind Games
3: Bloom


1: All For One
2: Doom
3: Return of Doom
Fantastic Four Hulk Human Torch

Clobberin' Time


1: Incredible

1: Burn
Inhumans LivewiresMary Jane

1: Culture Shock

Clockwork Thugs, Yo

1: Circle of Friends
2: Homecoming


Power Pack RunawaysSentinel

1: Pack Attack!

1: Pride and Joy
2: Teenage Wasteland
3: The Good Die Young
4: True Believers
5: Escape To New York


1: Salvage
2: No Hero
Spellbinders Spider-Girl Marvel Age Spider-Man

Signs and Wonders

1: Legacy
2: Like Father, Like Daughter
3: Avenging Allies
4: Turning Point
5: Endgame


1: Fearsome Foes
2: Everyday Hero
3: Swingtime
4: Goblin Strikes
5: Spidey Strikes Back
Marvel Adventures Spider-ManSpider-Man Team-Up Thor Son Of Asgard

1: Sinister Six
2: Power Struggle


Doc Ock: Out of Reach
A Little Help From My Friends
Human Torch: I'm With Stupid


1: Warriors Teen
2: Worthy
X-Men Evolution

Vol. 1

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