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"We have allowed our allies in the East to control Asia and Pacifica for us, but otherwise, our swastika banner now flies over all mankind! This Reich shall last not for a mere thousand years, but for all time! Mark my words well - - for all time!"

-- The Red Skull, Captain America (Vol. 4) #17


Cap and Ben Grimm get ready to put some "clobberin' time" inon some Nazi Iron Men!

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Featured Characters:

  • Captain America
  • Red Skull
  • Reed Richards
  • Sue Storm
  • Ben Grimm
  • Johnny Storm
  • Tony Stark
  • Victor Von Doom
  • Baron Strucker
  • Peter Parker
  • Don Blake
  • Henry Pym

About This Book:

WATCHMEN's Dave Gibbons writes this special story in classic Cap fashion - featuring two-fisted adventure, wall-to-wall action and scheming Nazis! Captain America finds himself in a nightmare New York City renamed "New Berlin," following the Nazis victory in WWII. Joining brave resistance fighters with strange but familiar faces like Ben Grimm, Peter Parker and Professor Reed Richards, Cap must find out how history has been altered and the world changed from everything he once knew to everything he's fought against, and what does the Nazis' mysterious & terrifying ultimate weapon have to do with it? Plus, relive the RED SKULL's origin from TALES OF SUSPENSE #66! Collects CAPTAIN AMERICA #17-20, TALES OF SUSPENSE #66


  Marvel Knights Captain America
Vol. 4: Cap Lives


Captain America (MK) #17-20
Captain America from Tales of Suspense #66

List price: $12.99 (US) • $21.00 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-78511-318-5
112 pages

Most Recent Print Edition: First Print
Original Release Date: 1/14/04


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Captain America (Vol. 4) #17-20:

Script: Dave Gibbons
Pencils: Lee Weeks
Inks: Tom Palmer
Colors: Dave Stewart
Cover Art: Gene Ha

Captain America #17: "Captain America Lives Again Part 1"
25 pages + cover • November 2003

Bob Reynolds awakes from his sleep during a lightning storm. A series of memories begin flooding his mind.He senses that he had a past in which he was a super-hero named the Sentry, who fought a world menace calledthe Void. It is a difficult struggle for him to remember his past, but it comes to him in small snatches- he dranka serum that gave him his powers, but also led to dangerous addiction, he wore a costume with a cape, he crafteda weapon called the Confluctor to fight off the Void, and more....

His wife, Lindy, catches Bob downstairs in the middle of his reverie (the last scene of which involved the Void taking theform of his pet dog.) She gets extremely angry that Bob appears to have fallen off the wagon of alcoholism, and leaves him to go stay with her friend Judy. Bob doesn't try to stop her. He goes to his closet to don his costume once again. He sees it hanging in the form of an ordinary windbreaker with a cape attached with clothespins. He puts the jacketon and finds himself flying into the sky.

* * *

Captain America #18: "Captain America Lives Again Part 2"
22 pages + cover • November 2003

The Sentry balances on top of a crane stretching high over the construction site of the Fantastic Four headquarters. Ashe reflects on memories of the day his partner, Billy, was brutally wounded by the Void, he is greeted by Reed Richards,who stretches up to ask him how he got to this location and who he is. Reed suggests Bob is crazy, but that changes whenBob tells him that he will soon need his help, and reminds him of a wedding he attended where he gave him a unicorn.Bob leaves, and Reed is transfixed in the moment, as if remembering something he had succeeded in forgetting.

Reed goes back home and talks to Sue, asking her is she remembers anything about a wedding where there was a unicorn. They realize at that moment they have a unicorn statue sitting on a shelf, with a video tape underneath it. They get a creepyfeeling of deja vu and start to remember a time when they attended a wedding, with Reed as the best man to the Sentry. They still can't put their finger on things, so they put the video tape in the player. Finally, on the screen, they see Reed himself,warning the Fantastic Four that if they are watching the video, then "we're all as good as dead."

* * *

Captain America #19: "Captain America Lives Again Part 3"
22 pages + cover • December 2003

Cap is taken into the bowels of the rebel's stronghold, where he meets Reed once again, and is introduced to other freedom fighters, likeFrank Castle, Nick Fury, Luke Cage, Steven Strange, Henry Pym and Dr. Bruce Banner. He also meets his former partner, Bucky Barnes, who survived the accident that put Cap on ice. Dr. Don Blake, an informant with inside information of the Skull's activities, comes in and tells everyone that their associate Peter Parker is going to be hung in the public square after he was caught in counter-espionage.

The next morning, Peter has a noose tied around his neck, but Cap's shield slices the rope in half. Ben and Johnny swoop by and grab Peterand race off with him in their getaway car. Cap takes to the gallows and shouts to the crowd to be ready for revolution. They are inspiredby him but are afraid to make a move under gunpoint. The Red Skull chimes in on the giant screen overlooking Times Square and tellsCap to surrender or he will fire on the crowd. Cap submits, and Nazi guards take him off in chains. Then the Red Skull gloats when hepresses a button that triggers explosives tied to Peter Parker, an explosion which kills not only him but Ben and Johnny.

News of the deaths of their friends and Cap's arrest reach the underground, and Don Blake delivers secret plans of the time machine. They realize the time for revolution cannot wait. While Cap is held prisoner in the Skull's dungeon, Matt Murdock overtakes the frontgates of his prison, leading the charge for the rest. A full out assault from the revolutionaries gains its way into the Stark Industries compound whileReed leads his band to the location of the time machine. While Cap rots in his cell, he gets a visit from Tony Stark, who releases him from his bonds, and he gives him a special instrument that Cap is supposed to deliver to Henry Pym. They are seen by guards, who realize that Stark is not on the Nazi's side after all, and they open fire on him and kill him, butCap is able to escape.

* * *

Captain America #20: "Captain America Lives Again Part 4"
22 pages + cover • January 2004

Cap gives an inspiring battle cry to Nick Fury and the rest of the revolutionaries, then joins Reed and Henry Pym as they try to get in to the time machine lab. He hands the gadget to Pym that Stark gave him, saying he would know what to do with it. Sure enough, as a cadre of flying Nazi Iron Men swoop down overhead, Pym presses the button and all the Iron Men deactivateand fall from the sky. Emboldened, they race into the Stark Industries building and take it over.

News spreads of the revolutionary flashpoint in New Berlin, and from all over the world, the Red Skull sees his Reich collapsing. The Skull determines he must go back in time and end all this foolishness before it can begin again, but the revolutionaries bust intothe lab just as the time machine is being activated. Banner demolishes the control board of the machine, causing it to malfunction.The Red Skull takes Bucky Barnes hostage and holds a gun to his head, butBucky pulls a judo move on him and knocks him down. Cap launches himself at the Skull to keep him from hurting anybody, andthey fall up onto the time machine dais. They fight and struggle as Cap's friends watch in horror as the defective time machine takesboth men to origins unknown.

In 1964, a frozen human body is floating in the icy waters of the north Atlantic, and is picked up by a submarine. Inside is the Avengers, andthey are amazed to see the famous World War II hero, Captain America.

* * *

Captain America from Tales of Suspense #66:
"The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull"
10 pages + cover • June 1965

-- synopsis by Gormuu


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