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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"You're all such strong - - and strong-willed - - individuals. I doubt you'll ever mesh as effectively as the original X-Men. I'm not even sure that's a desirable goal anymore. But we've got to be better than we are. We're good, but we've also been real lucky. And our luck can't last forever."

-- Cyclops, pg. 6

This scene was a loooong time in coming!

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X-Men #125
September 1979 17 pages

Script: Chris Claremont Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Pencils & Co-Plotting: John Byrne Inks: Terry Austin

Title: "There's Something Awful on Muir Island!"

Villain: Jason Wyngarde, Mutant X/Proteus (as Angus MacWhirter)

Guest Appearance: Moira MacTaggert, Lorna Dane, Jamie Madrox, Havok, Beast

Cameo: Lilandra, Magneto; Magda, Angel, Beast, Iceman (all in flashback)

Innovation: Wyngarde imagines Jean as the Black Queen

Letters Page: Page One

Synopsis: Moira MacTaggert pushes Jean to test her Phoenix powers at her Muir Island facility, and they both worry if she can handle the incredible power of the Phoenix force. As Jean reflects back on her recent months of hard emotions and grief, she has no idea she's being watched by the force of Mutant X, who inhabits the body of Angus MacWhirter. Back at Xavier's school, the X-Men work hard in the Danger Room, with Cyclops putting the new mutants through their paces and driving Wolverine in particular up the wall.

Meanwhile, Magneto orbits the planet Earth in Asteroid M, regaining his strength and reflecting on old times to renew his urge for power. Another villainous sort, Jason Wyngarde, muses about Jean Grey while resting at a Scottish in near Muir Island. He has been laying the groundwork for his brainwashing of Jean Grey, stalking her throughout her trips across the world and using his mutant power to pose as whatever Jean's emotional needs call for at that moment. His ultimate goal is to transform her into the Black Queen, so they can both gain entry into the Hellfire Club.

On Lilandra's home planet, Charles Xavier grows restless as his love's attention is demanded by an unending mountain of royal duties. As he reflects back on Jean Grey and her potential struggles with the Phoenix Force, he realizes his attention is needed there, to help her cope with them. He prepares to return to Earth.

While doing routine inspections, Moira realizes that Mutant X has escaped his holding cell. Jamie Madrox and Alex Summers realize, in interacting with Jean, that she's acting a bit arrogant, which is unnerving to them. Jean senses that Moira is in distress, and when she heads into the lab to investigate, she races around the corner and suddenly finds herself in a dream-state, clad in an 18th century gown and in some kind of Regency mansion. But suddenly, she's knocked out of her reverie, tackled by the form of Mutant X. Alex and Jamie hear her scream and go to aid her.

In New York, the Beast flies the Quinjet to the school to check on the campus after security features he had left active were triggered. He comes inside to find all his friends alive! After a happy reunion, Beast informs Cyclops that Jean is alive and on Muir Island. They all decide to go immediately out to see them. Cyclops places a call over there and Lorna Dane picks up the phone, telling him that they sense they are in great danger, and Jean and Moira are missing. Suddenly, the line goes dead....

(continued in XMEN #126)

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters pages provided by Avengers Assemble

Issues Reprinted
X-Men #122-131, Annual #3

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