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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"These tests I want to run on you are long overdue. Look, Jean, as Phoenix you command an awesome amount of power. I just want to make sure you can handle it...'and heaven help us if you can't.'

-- Moira MacTaggart, pg. 8

Luke Cage makes his first appearance in Marvel Masterworks! Christmas!!!

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X-Men #122
June 1979 17 pages

Script: Chris Claremont Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Pencils & Co-Plotting: John Byrne Inks: Terry Austin

Title: "Cry for the Children!"

Villain: Arcade, Juggernaut, Black Tom, Ms. Locke, Jason Wyngarde/Mastermind

The "Bad" Kids: Bluey, Frankie, Johnny

First Appearance: Jason Wyngarde, Chancellor Maehlen, Edward, Mr. Stuart

Guest Appearance: Colleen Wing, Lilandra, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Moira MacTaggert

Cameo: Chancellor Maehlen, Edward, Mr. Stuart, Jamie Madrox, Alex Summers, Lorna Dane, Mariko Yashida

Innovations: Imperial Center, first mention of the Hellfire Club

Letters Page: Page One

Synopsis: Colossus struggles through a training session in the Danger Room. Under the watchful eyes of Cyclops and Wolverine, he seems to be undermined by lack of faith in himself. Wolverine, in his own special way, helps motivate Colossus to finish the excercise withs success, but it leads to some necessary repair work! Cyclops checks in with Banshee and Nightcrawler, who are making repairs on the Blackhawk, as well as having a conversation with Colleen Wing, who is hanging around the mansion as his companion. As Scott wonders aloud what the Professor must be up to in outer space, the man in question is accompanying Lilandra as she takes the throne of Imperial Center back into command.

On the mainland of Scotland, near Muir Island, Jean Grey returns from clothes shopping and bumps into a dashing man named Jason Wyngarde. He introduces himself and they flirt, with Wyngarde watching her as she walks away, knowing she is his prey in a trap that will ensnare her as a member of the Hellfire Club. Jean joins back up with her friends, Moira MacTaggart, Lorna Dane, Alex Summers and Jamie Madrox as they head back to Muir Island.

Back in New York, Scott does his best to drop his stuffy side and open up on his date with Colleen. Logan drops Ororo off on a personal mission of hers- to get back in touch with the childhood home she grew up. But she has him drop her off in an inner-city slum, which worries him. As he drives away, he spots Mariko Yashida walking into a consulate building. He rushes to meet with her, but the door is shut in his face.

Ororo walks the city streets towards her childhood home, garnering looks from the unsavory folks who live there. She finds the building she grew up in, wondering if it is still the homey place she loved as a child, but it is now a decrepit tenement. She is shocked to see a bunch of kids shooting up right in her very living room. The kids take offense to her presence and attack her with knives, and she is forced to use her powers over the wind to keep them off of her. Luke Cage and Misty Knight come to the rescue, saying they were trying to track her down after hearing reports of her presence in the area. Colleen says goodbye to Scott, and leaves him a note suggesting she wants to escalate their relationship.

On an airplane high over the north Atlantic, Juggernaut and Black Tom meet with the man they are paying a million dollars to kill the X-Men: the crazy, brilliant and deadly Arcade.

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

--letters pages provided by Avengers Assemble

Issues Reprinted
X-Men #122-131, Annual #3

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