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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Someone's playing a cat-and-mouse game with us! In any game like that, it's Cyclops who turns into the cat - - into a power-blasting tiger!

-- Cyclops, in a blast of short-lived bravado, pg. 11

One Angel down, four more X-Men to go!

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X-Men #17
February 1966 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Artie Simek
Layouts: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Werner Roth (credited as Jay Gavin)
Inks: Dick Ayers

Title: "And None Shall Survive!"

Villain: Magneto

First Appearance: Dr. John Thomas

Guest Appearance: Mr. & Mrs. Worthington, Dr. John Thomas

Gadgets & Technology: Mechanical Mental-Wave Distorter

Synopsis: A National Guard unit moves in to the area where the Sentinel fortress exploded and evacuate the wounded X-Men to a hospital. Professor Xavier is nervous that his connection to them will be revealed, so he encourages his X-Men to pretend like they don't know each other. At the hospital, Iceman is in critical condition, and the hospital staff, led by chief surgeon Dr. John Thomas, don't exactly know the best way to treat him. The Angel calls the school to check on messages and find out that his parents are coming to pay a surprise visit. Unable to deter them from coming, the professor advises him to head to the mansion. He also tells Angel to scout around the campus, as he feels that there is some unknown menace haunting the school.

He flies across the state to get to the school, and at first there seems to be little menace to be found. Inside, however, he finds a battle-ax floating towards him, slamming into the wall after he flies around it. He races to the end of the hall to face the form hiding in the shadows, but hits some kind of invisible wall which knocks him out. The menace stands over the Angel, sure that he will only be the first X-Man to fall!

After Cyclops manages to get a doctor to quit trying to treat his eyes, he takes Professor X down to the courtyard for a stroll. The professor tells him that he's lost contact with the Angel, and he needs him to accompany him to the mansion and check on things. They quickly drive there and go inside, where they hear CEREBRO and its loud whining, meaning there is a mutant threat very nearby. From out of nowhere, a Mental-Wave Distorter floats through the air and latches around Xavier's skull. Cyclops tries to help, but a transparent shield seperates him from his mentor. Then, the lights go out and Cyke is in the dark. He does a 360 degree turn around the room with his optic blast, but doesn't hear a body fall. Just then, a fist flies out from the darkness, and he is pounded to the ground.

Back at the hospital, the Beast has fully recovered, and after Marvel Girl is able to get him down from his rambunctious behavior, she clues him in on her fears. She tells him that she's worried that the Angel, Professor Xavier and Cyclops are all gone and haven't communicated with them. They check on Iceman, and the doctor tells him that his condition is still critical. They rush off to the mansion, and when they finally arrive, the Beast barrels through the front door. He quickly finds himself sliding uncontrollably down a slick, frictionless surface, all the way down to a trap door. Marvel Girl follows slowly behind, and tries to open the door to reach her friend, but cannot do anything to help.

Standing behind her is the terrorizing menace who has taken over the mansion. She tries to stop himw with her powers, but she is not strong enough. With Marvel Girl beaten, the villain concludes that the "era of the X-Men" is over, and dismisses having to track down Iceman, as he is the youngest and weakest of all.

Iceman begins to slip into a coma, and Dr. Thomas decides he has no choice but to administer a new type of drug, called a Sulfa Drug, in order to save him.

At the school, the limp bodies of the X-Men are loaded into a gondola attached to a hot-air balloon. The menace lets go of the ropes and it slowly floats up into the sky. Meanwhile, the parents of Warren Worthington III arrive at the school. They go and knock on the door and when it opens, they are greeted - - by Magneto!!!

(continued from XM #18)

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

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