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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Careful, Iceman! It will take more than a hastily-formed frozen club to affect the Juggernaut!

-- Professor Xavier, pg. 8

Hey, Beast: the Weebil will wobble but it won't fall down!

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X-Men #13
September 1965 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Sam Rosen
Layouts: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Werner Roth (credited as Jay Gavin)
Inks: Joe Sinnott

Title: "Where Walks the Juggernaut!"

Villain: Juggernaut

Guest Appearance: Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Cameo: Teen Brigade, Matt Murdock

Gadgets & Technology: Mento-Helmet

Letters Page: Page One Page Two

Synopsis: (continued from XMEN #12)

As the X-Men lie stunned on the ground, Xavier tries to unleash a mental assault on Juggernaut, but his psionic helmet prevents the powerful brainwaves to get through. Jean Grey lifts him up off the ground while Cyclops digs a deep hole with his optic blasts, then she drops him to the bottom of the chasm. Iceman seals the hole up, buying them some time to prepare another defense plan. Xavier rushes off to his lab, where he finishes construction on his Mento-Helmet, a device he will wear that will augment his formidable mental powers. As he channels the energy to a useful purpose, he siphons off extra energy into the airwaves over the city.

Juggernaut is not happy to be at the bottom of the deep hole, so he starts to climb out. He makes a lot of hay once he gets up over the edge, rumbling with both Angel and Cyclops. Meanwhile, Xavier's brainwaves are being caught by unintended minds, like jet pilots, the Teen Brigade, and blind lawyer Matt Murdock. As Xavier tries to further consolidate the power of his Mento-Helmet, Iceman and the Beast rush to help their comrades. Cyclops and Angel are still tussling with Juggernaut when Iceman and Beast arrive. Angel is tossed aside viciously, and Iceman slips an icy coating on the stairs to cause Juggernaut to slide down to the floor.

Johnny Storm is retooling a sports car when Xavier's mental signal reaches him. Thinking it might be a trap from a super-villain, he dismisses it. Meanwhile, Juggernaut smashes through Iceman's block of ice he was encased in, and chases after the Beast. The limbre X-Man hops on Juggernauts shoulders and tries to pull his helmet off, but is pulled off by his foot and swung around like a baseball bat. The Beast manages to get Juggernaut to follow him into the Danger Room, and once inside, he turns on all the controls, launching all the surprise gadgets and missiles at him. One such weapon is a giant ten-ton roller, which races towards Juggernaut, but the villain's force field is so powerful, it stops the rollers momentum and turns it back onto the Beast, seriously injuring him.

Xavier's mental signal again reaches Johnny Storm, and this time the Human Torch is persuaded to act upon it. Xavier is finally ready to enact his master plan. He asks Jean Grey to lift the Juggernaut off the floor. Then, the newly arrived Human Torch launches flame attacks and nova blasts at him, disorienting the Juggernaut. Finally, the Angel rouses himself from his weak state and flies headlong towards the massive Cain Marko and grabs at his helmet, finally pulling it off after the Beast had weakened it earlier.

Without his psionic helmet, Xavier is able to launch a precise mental assault that takes care of his wicked step-brother. Xavier clears Johnny's mind of the events that have transpired and he flies off, not knowing what just happened. The four boys are weak, weary and injured, but have no problem being given nurse's treatment from Jean Grey!

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

-- scanned letters page provided by Karl Mattson

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