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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"You want to pay the bail for the Cobra and Mister Hyde?!?! Look, fella, the reason they're still behind bars is - - the judge set the amount at half a million dollars!”"

- - police clerk, to disguised Loki, page 2

Loki introduces himself to the Cobra and Mr. Hyde!


Thor and Tales of Asgard
from Journey Into Mystery #110

November 1964 • 21 pages + pinup

Publication Date: September 1, 1964

Letters Page: Currently not in inventory.

I: Feature Story: "Every Hand Against Him!"

Pages: 16

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Chic Stone
Letters: Artie Simek

First Appearance: Mr. Perkins

Villain: Loki, Cobra, Mr. Hyde

Guest Appearance: Jane Foster, Odin, Heimdall

Cameo Appearance: Mr. Perkins

Marvel Milestones: Thor feature story reduced to 16 pages, Thor creates Time Warp with hammer

Synopsis: Thor senses evil in New York City, but has no idea the source is his evil half-brother, Loki, who has set out to co-opt the villains Mr. Hyde and the Cobra to help him destroy Thor. He bails them out of jail and explains to them what he wants from them. He doubles their powers and tells them to capture nurse Jane Foster, to begin the execution of his plans.

While Don Blake and Jane Foster innocently go about their day as medical professionals, the Cobra sneaks out the office window and snatches the nurse. Blake flies into action as Thor, chasing after the suddenly super-fast Cobra, who eventually catches up to his partner, Mr. Hyde. The evil duo race off in a taxi with Jane Foster their hostage, telling Thor to meet them in exactly 24 hours at that very spot to surrender his hammer, or they will kill her.

Thor is astonished why they chose Jane Foster as their target, knowing he would do anything to save her. Odin looks down at this spectacle and Loki persuades him that Thor is grown cowardly, letting two despicable villains like them get away. Odin agrees, and barks at Thor for his transgression. Thor is in no mood to be lectured, and he yells back at Odin, leading to his banishment from Asgard!

Thor realizes what is at stake here, and races off to face Loki. Heimdall is there to meet him at Asgard's gates, but Thor will not be stopped, and he races past the guardian and several other of his fellow Asgardians. He finally makes it to Loki's chamber, but the villain will admit nothing to Thor. Loki cunningly generates a spell that shows him where Jane Foster is hidden- at a farm in New Jersey. Thor tells Loki he will go take care of this, but he will return and force Loki to face the music. Loki stands firm against his brother. Odin comes in and lashes out at Thor for disregarding his banishment. Thor begs his mercy, but tells him he only did it to try and face down evil. Odin sends him back to Earth at that instant.

Thor heads to the farmhouse where the Cobra and Mr. Hyde are waiting. He enters the house, but there is a huge trap inside the door waiting. Thor bashes the walls which were set to crush him with his hammer, but is thrown off balance by a tear gas grenade the Cobra tosses at him. Wearing a gas mask, Mr. Hyde rushes into the room and relentlessly pounds on Thor with his Loki-doubled strength. An explosion racks the room, which knocks Thor out for a moment. Mr. Hyde thinks it's his doing, and he goes to brag to the Cobra that he has killed Thor!

But Thor rouses himself and finds Jane Foster, buried under rubble. She is near death, in crtical condition. As the Cobra and Mr. Hyde converge on Thor, the Thunder God realizes he has no time to get Jane to a hospital, so he whirls his hammer around to create a time warp, which settles over the farmhouse so that time does not move forward. He tells the comatose love of his life that he will return, once he finishes his battle.....

(continued in JIM #111)

II: Tales of Asgard: "The Defeat of Odin!"

Pages: 5

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Vince Colletta
Letters: Artie Simek

First Appearance: Prince Rivvak

Featured Characters: Odin, Thor, Prince Rivvak

Synopsis: Odin leads his warriors to the fringe of a battle with the people of the recently deceased Rampok, who's son, Prince Rivvak, must somehow leads them to victory. They stand across a boiling plane, on top of a volcano, where Odin decides to press an attack across the face of it. His advisers worry they attack where Rivvak is strongest, but Odin decides to press on. Prince Rivvak is frightened of the prospect of Odin's charge, but once he sees Odin advance, he realizes it falls on him to lead the defense, and calls on his men to charge.

As Odin's warrior cross the volcanic plain, steaming geysers erupt beneath them, and in order to save their horses, Odin orders the horn to blow the sound of retreat. As they flee, Prince Rivvak takes great pride in turning Odin back. Later, Odin explains to his band of fighters that it was important to give mankind the chance to dare and fight, no matter how impossible the odds or unbeatable the enemy may seem. He arranged the volcano to erupt just so, in order to give Prince Rivvak and his men a legend they can tell their children for years to come, to so embolden them.

III: Pin-Up: Thor, preparing to hurl hammer..."May the eyes of Asgard smile down on thee!"

--synopsis by Gormuu

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Thor and Tales of Asgard from
Journey Into Mystery #101-110

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