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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Still making threats, eh, Namor?? Stay back, Ben! I'm going to ram those mocking words down his throat!! I'm going to make him wish he'd never heard of the human race!! He's my pigeon...mine alone!"

- - Reed Richards, page 15

Bow before the might of...Electro-Thing!


Fantastic Four #27
June 1964 • 23 pages

Publication Date: March 10, 1964

Letters Page: Page OnePage Two

I: Feature Story: "The Search for Sub-Mariner!"

Pages: 23

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: George Roussos (credited as George Bell)
Letters: Sam Rosen

Villain: Sub-Mariner

Guest Appearance: Dr. Strange

Marvel Milestones: Reed plans engagement, Sue chooses her man

Gadgets & Technology: Thought Projection Helmet, Underwater Scanner, Electron Gun, Air-Sea Speedster, Radar Sweep-Ray, Underwater Breathing Pill, Electro Stun-Guns, Undersea Blast Gun

Synopsis: Reed is in the lab perfecting his new Thought Projector Helmet, a machine which broadcasts the visual images in the mind of the wearer. (Thing is impressed that Reed conjures an image of Sue in a bikini and not a bunch of test tubes!) Reed gives the projector to Thing but he conjures an image of Dr. Doom that is so real that he panics. Reed catches Thing and takes back the projector. Sue leaves and once she is gone, Reed tells the other men that he plans to buy her an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, the Sub-Mariner is still abandoned by his people and walks the empty halls of his underwater castle. His thoughts wander to Sue and he spies on her with his underwater scanner. He orders his remaining subjects to capture her and they refuse, deserting him for seeming to betrayhis royal heritage by seeking out human love.

Namor decides he will wait no longer for Sue's love. He sneaks into the Baxter Building alone and attacks the Thing, snapping his workout equipment and gassing him. He snuffs Johnny’s flame with a vacuum pellet and approaches Sue. He threatens to get rid of Reed so he will have no competition for her heart and kidnaps her. Sue resists and triesto reason with him, but Namor declares that if Reed does not rescue her in 24 hours, Sue will be his bride! He gases her to sleep and makes away with her in his personal air-sea speedster craft.

Reed returns with a diamond ring and finds Thing and Johnny despondent. They tell him what happened and Reed goes berserk! He vows to hunt Namor- this time, alone! Thing and Torch are worried about Reed and call for help. The Human Torch writes a blazing message in the sky for Dr. Strange. Strange sends his astral form to discuss what Ben and Johnny need from him. He agrees to help, and his astral form goes into the ocean and with the aid of his amulet, he finds Sue imprisoned in Namor's lair. Namor is trying to reach her heart, but Sue tells him this is not the way to do it!

Reed marches to the castle, using a special breathing pill that gives him an hour's time to stay underwater. Dr. Strange witnesses Reed's approach, and races off to Johnny and Ben to tell them. Reed whips his arm around and lassos the Sub-Mariner. Namor is enraged that he will not be granted his 24 hours and rolls Reed into a tight cylinder. Reed forces spikes out of his skin to break Namor’s grasp and swings a long arm at his foe. He tries to lure Namor to the surface where the fight will be an even match but just then Namor’s army returns.

Dr. Strange returns to Thing and Torch with Sue’s location. After Ben and Johnny take underwater breathing pills, Dr. Strange teleports them into Namor’s castle. Reed is dodging the guns of Namor’s army when Thing and Torch find him. They take care of Namor’s men but Reed lunges at the Sub-Mariner once again. He ensnares Namor with the coils of his body.

The Torch finds Sue in her glass prison and melts it. Suddenly, Namor’s men flood the chamber with sea water. Sue holds the rushing water back with her force field while Johnny welds the walls together, halting the flood. Johnny spots a flying surveillance camera and tosses a fireball at it. Namor’s men are blinded as the lens melts.

Thing is juggling Namor’s guards as Reed and Sub-Mariner continue their fight. Namor slams Reed to the ground and knocks him out. He then orders his men to turn their Electro Stun-Guns on the Thing. Thing is bathed in electricity but still comes at the guards. Reed summons the last of his strength and grabs Namor once again. He stretches into a human crossbow and fires Namor into his own men!

Reed goes to Thing who is shaking off the effect of the stun guns. Namor returns with a cannon and fires at the Thing. He lunges at Reed but is held back by Sue’s force field. She has chosen. She feels sympathy and affection for Namor but it is nothing compared to the love she has for Reed. Namor is enraged but before he can act, Dr. Strange, observing them through a crystal ball, teleports the Fantastic Four into Reed’s sub. Thing asks Sue if she only went with Reed to stop the fight. Sue says nothing and Reed is still uneasy about their future together.

--synopsis by Jonathan Clarke, aka doesitmatter, with Gormuu

--letter pages and house ads provided by Crusher Creel

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