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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

“I'm sorry, Haines, but there is no place in this army camp for the likes of you. You have lied, cheated, spied and stolen. Your conduct is no longer tolorable and I'm giving you a dishonorable discharge. Now get out!”

-- Colonel Stevens, from the text piece "Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge" in Captain America Comics #3, the very first pf comic writing by Stan Lee to see print


Stan takes a little time out to threaten his young readers.

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"Then, in the hours that follow..."

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'Nuff said!

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From the Inside Dustflap:



Back in the days before World War II, a teenager named Stanley Lieber ran errands in the offices of Timely Comics. it didn't take long for him to get his name in print, writing a short text piece in the pages of Captain America - and by the time he'd gotten his driver's license, "Stan Lee" was running the show as the head writer and editor. Following a stint in the Army, Lee was back for good; he set out to make the newly renamed Marvel Comics a comic-book company unlike any other. In 1961, Fantastic Four #1 hit the stands, featuring realistic heroes who doubted their own abilities, battled problems of money and illness, and even fought among themselves. The success of FF #1 sparked a seemingly unending line of smash-hit titles: X-Men, Avengers, Hulk and Amazing Spider-Man. By 1965, Marvel Comics had won the hearts and minds of readers worldwide. In just a few short years, Lee and his cohorts had created a cohevis universe that resembled our own, but populated by Marvel's own brand of unforgettable heroes and villains. In celebration of its 65th anniversary, Marvel Comics pays tribute to "The Man" himself with this deluxe volume. These tales span from Lee's earlierst days in comics to his most recent work, including some stories never before reprinted:

  • Captain America Comics #3- Stan's first work, a two-page text story!

  • Captain America Comics #16- a defining story of Captain America's greatest foe, the Red Skull!

  • Amazing Fantasy #15- the first appearance of Spider-Man!

  • Amazing Spider-Man #96-98- Lee's highly controversial tale of Harry Osborn's battle against druge abuse.
  • Fantastic Four Annual #3- the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm!

  • Thor #179-181- Thor is banished to Hades by his father, Odin, for all eternity!

One the eve of Marvel's 65th Anniversary, now is the perfect time to discover these essential tales. Restored and remastered, these vintage Stan lee stories have never looked better - comprising the perfect collection for the Marvel Comcis fan of any age!


The Silver Surfer hallucinates a reunion with Shalla Bal.

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  Marvel Visionaries:
Stan Lee

  • Captain America Comics #3, 16
  • Tales of Suspense #29, Amazing Adult Fantasy #11, 15
  • Fantastic Four #11, Annual #3
  • Daredevil #7, #47, Silver Surfer #5, Thor #179-181
  • Amazing Spider-Man #96-98, Annual #5
  • Marvel Premiere #3, Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special 1995
List price: $29.95 (US) • $48.00 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-7851-1693-1
341 pages

Original Release Date: 2/2/05
Current In-Print Edition: First Print

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURES: (10 pages total)

  • Introduction by Roy Thomas (2 pages)
  • Stan Lee's original design sketches for FF emblem (1 page)
  • Original synopsis for FF #1 (2 pages)
  • Bullpen Bulletins: June 1967, February 1968, August 1968, August 1970, December 1970 (5 pages)

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Captain America Comics #3:
"Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge"
2 page text feature + cover • May 1941

written by Stan Lee, masthead panel by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Synopsis: Col. Stevens has to punish a soldier for treason, and only the two men he least expects to help him, Captain America and his partner Bucky, must save him from the traitor's revenge!

Captain America Comics #16: "Red Skull's Deadly Revenge"
24 pages + cover • November 1940

written by Stan Lee, art by Al Avison

Synopsis: The nefarious Red Skull makes a daring prison break, then immediately sets out to learn how to shoot arrows from a bow with as much skill as he can shoot a pistol. When Steve Rogers hears of the Red Skull being on the loose, he rallies his partner Bucky and they are on the case! The Red Skull calls on some of his underworld compatriots, like Brute Benson, Duke Shores and Igor, and enlists them to help set a death trap for Captain America.

They set out to rob City Bank, and Cap and Bucky are on the lookout and that's the first place they head! While Cap busts in on Igor and Duke robbing the bank, the Red Skull sizes up Bucky outside and alone, and shoots him in the back with a dead shot from his bow and arrow. Cap takes care of the thugs, but realizes that Bucky is hurt and dashes him off to a hospital.

Cap heads back to his barracks to do some research, and checks an old news clipping that gives the whereabouts of the Red Skull's last hideout. He races off to 22 Black Road, where the Skull has set another trap for him! Down in his basement, he catches Cap unawares, and fires his arrows that pin him to the wall. He rips his mask off to get his first look at Steve Roger's face. Then he takes Cap's wallet to steal his identity, and dons his costume to finalize his wicked plan! As days and weeks of a Red Skull crime spree go on, Bucky slowly heals from his wounds. Then, dressed as Captain America, he goes steals secret defense plans that only Captain America could get clearance for! News headlines hit the papers that Cap is a traitor!

Bucky reads the headlines and can't believe it. He races from the hospital to help his buddy, and traces him back to the dungeon where he frees him from his chains. Together and Cap and Bucky, they make it to the airport where the Red Skull is about to depart America with the secret palns. After a fierce battle on the tarmac, the Skull gets away in flight, but carrying two stowaways on board. The Red Skull tries to shoot them down with his arrows, but misses, and eventually slips and falls all the way to the ground, dead.

Suspense #29: "The Raving Maniac"
4 pages • March 1953

written by Stan Lee, art by Joe Maneely

A horror comics editor has to deal with a man off the streets ranting and raving about the content of the magazines he publishes.

Amazing Adult Fantasy #11: "Where Walks the Ghost"
5 pages • April 1962

written by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko

A young boy goes off to fight in the Civil War, and promises to return home no matter what fate may befall him. His parents must patiently wait, until he finally returns home...or does he?

Amazing Fantasy #15: "Spider-Man"
11 pages + cover • August 1962

written by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko

The first appearance and origin of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

For details on this story, see the feature page for AMAZING FANTASY #15.

Fantastic Four #11: "A Visit With the Fantastic Four"
11 pages • February 1963

written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby

The FF walk readers through a normal day, taking the opportunity to respond to reader letters.

For details on this story, see the feature page for FF #11.

Daredevil #7: "In Mortal Combat With Sub-Mariner"
20 pages + pin-up and cover • April 1965

written by Stan Lee, art by Wally Wood

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, comes to New York City to retain legal services to stake his claim to the surface world. In so doing, he ensures a brutal showdown with Daredevil, the Man Without Fear.

For details on this story, see the feature page for DAREDEVIL #7.

Fantastic Four Annual #3: "Bedlam In the Baxter Building"
23 pages + cover • 1965

written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby

The marriage of Reed Richards and Sue Storm has finally arrived, as has an incredible guest list of invited super-heroes....and uninvited supervillains!

For details on this story, see the feature page for FF ANNUAL #3.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5: "Here We Go-A-Plotting"
3 pages • 1968

written by Stan Lee, art by Marie Severin

Daredevil #47: "Brother, Take My Hand"
20 pages + cover • December 1968

written by Stan Lee, art by Gene Colan

At a USO engagement for troops fighting in Vietnam, Daredevil makes the acquaintance of Willie Lincoln, an ex-cop turned soldier who was blinded in combat. Back stateside, Lincoln gets representation from Matt Murdock to look into getting his old job back. The only problem is, he was fired because he was framed by mobster Biggie Benson because he was getting too close to cracking down on his gang. Matt takes Biggie to trial and manages to blow the case open in favor of Willie Lincoln, but Biggie decides revenge is on the menu, and sends some goons up to Willie Lincoln's apartment to do him in. Little does he know that Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, is visiting at the same time, and he puts them out good! Willie gets his old job back, in a limited role, and is forever thankful that Daredevil and Matt Murdock helped him when he was down.

Silver Surfer #5: "And Who Shall Mourn For Him?"
39 pages + cover • April 1969

written by Stan Lee, art by John Buscema

The Surfer must stop the Stranger, but can only do so with the help of dead broke scientist Al Harper.

For details on this story, see the feature page for SILVER SURFER #5.

Thor #179: "No More The Thunder God!"
20 pages + cover • August 1970

written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby

Thor #180: "When Gods God Mad!"
20 pages + cover • September 1970

written by Stan Lee, art by Neal Adams

Thor #181: "One God Must Fall!"
20 pages + cover • October 1970

written by Stan Lee, art by Neal Adams

Amazing Spider-Man #96: "And Now, the Goblin!"
20 pages + cover • May 1971

written by Stan Lee, art by Gil Kane

Amazing Spider-Man #97: "In the Grip of the Goblin!"
20 pages + cover • June 1971

written by Stan Lee, art by Gil Kane

Amazing Spider-Man #98: "The Goblin's Last Gasp!"
20 pages + cover • July 1971

written by Stan Lee, art by Gil Kane

Marvel Premiere #3: "While the World Spins Mad!"
20 pages + cover • July 1972

written by Stan Lee, art by Barry Windsor-Smith

Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special 1995: "The Cycle of Life"
10 pages + cover • September 1995

written by Stan Lee, art by Darick Robertson

-- synopsis by Gormuu


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