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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"If only we could be like the super heroes in some of these comic magazines, Sue! They never seem to worry about money! Life is a breeze for them!"

- - Reed Richards, perhaps after reading the latest issue of JLA, page 4

Johnny gets ready for his close-up!


Fantastic Four #9
December 1962 • 24 pages

Publication Date: September 4, 1962

Letters Page: Not currently in supply.

I: Feature Story: "The End of the Fantastic Four!"
Part 2: "Sub-Mariner Gives the Orders!"
Part 3: "The Fury of Mr. Fantastic"
Part 4: "The Flame of Battle"
Part 5: "Vengeance is Ours!"

Pages: 23

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Dick Ayers
Letters: Artie Simek

First Appearance: Cyclops (mythological monster)

Villain: Sub-Mariner, Cyclops (mythological monster)

Guest Appearance: Alicia Masters

Cameo Appearance: James Arness, "Miss Kitty", Charles Bronson, Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Jack Benny

Marvel Milestones: Super-heroes with financial difficulties, first Marvel comic with full creator credits, "SM Productions", Namor's radar sense

Setting: Hidden Isle

Synopsis: The Sub-Mariner is watching his underwater television when he hears news that the Fantastic Four are bankrupt! He muses, "This may just be the opportunity I've been waiting for!"

Reed is staving off creditors at the Baxter Building, as it seems apparent that though Reed may be a brilliant scientist, he's a lousy businessman. Their investments have sunk and the FF have lost everything, including the pogo plane, which repo men are attempting to dismantle. Thing shakes down the repo men but, realizing there's nothing he can do, sulks off. A taxi driver refuses to pick him up (he's heard the news that the FF is broke) so Thing spins the cab around and leaves it on a clock tower. He sends up a flare and hitches a ride with Johnny to Alicia Masters' apartment. Alicia encourages him to quit sulking and be a "white knight" of heroism, and it inspires him to rejoin his teammates.

At the depths of their despair, Reed receives a telegram from SM Studios in Hollywood offering them one million dollars to star in a movie! Thing returns and grabs them all in a bear hug. They decide to go to Hollywood, but since they're broke, they're forced to hitchhike!

The Fantastic Four arrives at SM studios a few days later, and after passing through a cavalcade of stars on their way to their production meeting, they find out their producer is none other than the Sub-Mariner! Plundering the wealth from sunken ships, he has enough money to buy his own studio and pay the Fantastic Four one million dollars for the movie.

The Fantastic Four start enjoying their money. Johnny buys a new sports car and takes some groupies into the desert, where he paves the roads with his fireballs. Thing heads down to muscle beach and pushes the big guys around. Reed buys a new suit while Namor takes Sue out to dinner.

Monday morning, with no script, Namor takes Reed out to Hidden Isle where he must battle the mythical Cyclops. Once Reed reaches the island he finds the Cyclops is real, and Namor deserts him! The Cyclops squishes Reed with a boulder but Mr. Fantastic simply slides his pliable body out from underneath it. The Cyclops tosses the boulder at Reed, but he catches it with his outstretched form, hurtling it back like a slingshot. He then trips the Cyclops, sending the creature down a deep hole.

Meanwhile, Namor takes Johnny into the jungles of Africa to fight a group of natives for his scene in the movie. Johnny parachutes out of the helicopter and immediately runs into the tribe, who all happen to be immune to fire. He flies high above them but eventually his flame dies out and he falls into their clutches. The natives show off the magic potion which protects them from fire by waltzing through a barbecue pit and practicing their fire-eating skills. Johnny burns through his wooden cage and creates flame doubles of himself so the natives do not know whom to attack. He then flies into a volcano and causes an eruption that buries the village.

Namor now takes the Thing to the beach. His plan this time is to simply beat the Thing up. The fight is an even match until Thing realizes Namor is deriving his power from the ocean. He drags Namor away from the shore and prepares his final blow. Suddenly Thing is truck by lightning and transforms into Ben Grimm. Namor doesn't notice the change in the dark and plows into Grimm with full force, knocking him unconscious.

Namor returns to Sue and announces that he has triumphed over the Fantastic Four, and that now, nothing stands in his way from marrying her. Sue is appalled that he has "courted" her in this manner. She becomes invisible and throws the furniture in the room at him. Namor uses the power of the electric eel to subdue her but the dense carpeting she tosses at him blocks that power. Now the sense of the cave fish helps him identify her invisible form and he grabs her.

Just then, the rest of the team bursts through the door. They gang up on Namor but Sue breaks it up. They've each fulfilled their end of the bargain by appearing in his movie, plus she says it would be wrong for the FF to gang up on someone in a fight. Namor promises he will pay them for their services in the movie, and he silently leaves and returns to the sea.

A few weeks later, the Fantastic Four movie is released to huge box office receipts. The Fantastic Four's financial troubles are behind them.

II: Fantastic Four Feature Page:

Pages: 1

The Human Torch tells reader how he is able to fly.

--synopsis by Jonathan Clarke, aka doesitmatter, with Gormuu

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