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From Human Torch:

Green flame meets red in the pages of Human Torch!


From The Angel:

20 foot tall Butch is ready for a rumble!


From Sub-Mariner:

Namor heads to the Emperor's iceberg castle!


From Masked Raider:

Ol' Luke can still pick 'em off!


From Ferret, Mystery Detective:

Come on, Ferret. Put some clothes on! You're not that stylin' !!!


From Electro:

If crimefighting turns out bad, I suggest trying out for decathlon!


From Ka-Zar:

Ka-Zar faces down a fierce collection of beasts!


Marvel Mystery Comics #4
February 1940 • 64 pages


The Human Torch: 16 pgs • by Carl Burgos
The Angel: 8 pgs • by Paul Gustavson
The Sub-Mariner: 10 pgs • by Bill Everett
The Masked Raider: 8 pgs • by Al Anders
"Warning Enough": 2 pgs, text feature • by David C. Cooke, art by art by H. Ramsey
Electro: 8 pgs • by Steve Dahlman
Ferret, Mystery Detective: 6 pgs • by Stockbridge Winslow, art by Irwin Hasen
Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great: 12 pgs • by Ben Thompson

Title: “The Human Torch"

First Appearance: Inspector Reiss, Maizie, Dr. Manyac, Green Flames

Villain: Dr. Manyac, Green Flames

Guest Appearance: Johnson

Innovation: First named appearance of "Jim Hamond" (with one "m")

Quote: “Maybe I'm wrong, but that fellow is either scared of New York, or just plain crazy!"

-- The Human Torch, page 2

Synopsis:The Torch heads into New York City at the request of his friend Johnson. The city is desolate now, with citizens in fear of green, flaming creatures. A police car stops the Torch and asks him what his business is in town; in order to protect his identity, he makes up the name Jim Hamond and tells them he didn't know the city was under martial law. A green flaming creature comes from out of nowhere, sending everybody running, but the Torch flames on and attacks and kills him. The cops who ran away come back and see the Torch, and fire on him thinking he killed Jim Hamond. The Torch flies away to escape, landing on Johnson's building's rooftop. He meets Johnson and his girlfriend Maizie, who are living in fear of the green flame creatures. Maizie tells the Torch that the green creatures are agents of Dr. Manyac, who wants to take over the whole city.

The trio head to Manyac's warehouse, where he has his gangster force dipping themselves in a solution that turns them into flaming creatures. He sends the Green Flame out to destroy the slum section of New York to prove his power. The cops are on the lookout for the Torch, who they think killed Jim Hamond, but the Torch is only interested in saving people in the slum's from death. Manyac kidnaps Maizie, and the Torch chases the car, melting the front end and running it into a fire hydrant. Manyac holds a gun to Maizie's head, but the Torch melts his gun before he can fire. The police come to arrest the Torch, but he turns into Jim Hamond to prove he didn't kill anybody- he IS Jim Hamond!

Title: “The Angel”

First Appearance/Villain: Butch, Brink, Rickie, Weasel

Death: Rickie, Weasel

Quote: “This is th' boss talkin' ! There'sa couple of guys in the alley- dump them in the sewer!”

-- Brink, on the phone to his gang lieutenants, page 3

Synopsis:Mob boss Brink brings in his new "employee", a 20-foot tall man called Butch. At Brink's command, Butch offs a couple gangsters and declares himself "the boss." Butch leads a crusade of terror to keepother gangsters in fear and to raid bank vaults and private businesses. The police try to stopButch, but to no avail. The Angel flies in to take the big man on and they exchange punches. Butch hasnever faced someone who can put up a fight, so he flees. The Angel pursues him, and Butch's childlikemind leads him to his boss for guidance. Brink and his gang are now surrounded by the cops, and Angelcomes streaking into the hideout, pushes Butch out through the brick wall, and watches him fall to hisdeath. Brink is arrested by the police easily without Butch to help him out.

Title: “The Sub-Mariner”

First Appearance: "Court of Three", Naka, Tim, Barbara

Guest Appearance: Betty Dean

Innovations: Palace of Ice, Namor's Navy and Air-Force, super-aerial submarines

Quote: “Don't be alarmed, friends! I've just heard you talkof your plight and want to help you and the rest of the crew!"

-- Namor, to Tim and Barbara, page 8

Synopsis: Betty Dean tries to talk Sub-Mariner into helping fight the war, and he says he must go back to hisrace and rally some troops to help. He heads to see the Emperor and the "Court of Three", where hediscusses taking part in the war effort. The Emperor allows him the use of the Navy and Army. The airplanesfire bombs of boiling steam at enemy planes, and they bomb destroyer ships. Namor swims underwaterto take care of the submarines, boarding the vessel. Inside, he sees a newspaper headline that alerts himto a neutral ship taken hostage. He heads to it and boards the boat at night, meeting with two hostages, humans named Tim and Barbara. He gives them a plan to help distract the enemy crew, then he boardsthe submarine that guards the ship and takes care of all the sailors. It takes him a while, but Namortakes back the ship and hands it over to its rightful crew.

Title: “The Masked Raider”

First Appearance: Zeb, Luke

Quote: “Keep a sharp look-out 'til I gits back from the assay office. Reckon we'll be two o'them millionaires!”

-- Zeb, after striking gold, to Luke, page 1

Synopsis:Zeb and Luke find gold on their property, and have to fight off a bunch of land grabbers, but it takesthe Masked Raider to put the final screws to the bad guys. Before Zeb and Luke can thank the MaskedRaider by adding him to the deed on their land, he is off on another mission.

Title: “Warning Enough"

Synopsis:Steve Naylor picks up a hitch-hiker, but it's not just any hitch-hiker! It's "Slip" Rodney, an escapedkiller, and now he must hope he can get out of this tight spot he's found himself in!

Title: "Electro"

First Appearance: Electro, Professor Philo Zog, Operative #3: Dick Gardner, Joyce Lovely, Mr. Burke, Hymie "The Weasel" Pazetto, Toby

Villain: Hymie "The Weasel" Pazetto, Toby

Innovations: remote control electro-waves, the Purple Slipper

Quote: “Ye gods! Bullets don't faze him!”

-- HymiePazetto, firing his gun at Electro, page 8

Synopsis:Professor Philo Zog has been working on an invention that will help him in his lifelong desire to aid mankind towards "justice and universal happiness." He is finally ready to test his invention, a giantrobot called Electro, which he controls by remote-control electra waves. The robot can walk on his own, has super-strength, and can run 100 miles per hour! Zog hires a dozen men to act as his private operatives. His idea is to send these men out into the field to search out corruption and evil whereverit may fester, and if they ever need backup, they can call in Electro to save them.

Operative #3, a gentleman named Dick Gardner, goes in search of young Joyce Lovely, a girl who hasbeen kidnapped and held for ransom by Hymie "The Weasel" Pazetto. After putting the screws toone of Hymie's thugs, Toby, Gardner finds the hideout where the girlis kept, an old roadhouse called the Purple Slipper. He busts in and saves the girl, but as he races away from the hideout, a bullet zings him in the arm. He calls in for help from Electro, who arrives in no timeat all, and under the control of Prof. Zog, helps dispatch the gangsters. They hand the thugs overto the law and reunite the girl with her parents. Next, Prof. Zog imagines Electro will have even harder tasks to face in the future!

Title: "Ferret, Mystery Detective"

First Appearance: Ferret, Doc Wagner, Prima, Knuckles Johnson, Lynn Froehm

Villain: Doc Wagner, Knuckles Johnson

Quote: “Hello commissioner, this is Ferret! Looks likethe underworld has challenged my "Crime Doesn't Pay" articles in the Tribune!”

-- Ferret,informing the police that a dead body has just been found at his doorstep, page 1

Synopsis:A man from the "night club crowd" is robbed and shot and stumbles into the home of Ferret, renowned author and PI. While investigating the crime, Ferret spots a woman being pulled into a cab and robbedof her valuables. He gives chase to the car, but is pulled over and shot by Knuckles Johnson. He's knockedover into the river, but his bulletproof vest saved him. He heads home and finds out where Knuckles lives, then goes into his house to wait for him. But he falls asleep in a chair, and when Knuckles comes home, he ties him to the chair and sets the place on fire. He is lucky to escape, though, and he goesto see the young woman he saved from being robbed, an actress named Lynn Froehm. Ferret and a policeman use Lynn Froehm to set a trap for the big boss behind the robberies. In disguise, Lynntries to get captured again. When she finally is captured after several days of attempts, Ferret figuresout the big boss is the doctor. And then they go and arrest him. Gee whiz....

Title: “Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great”

First Appearance: Ed Kivlin

Villain: Paul De Kraft, Ed Kivlin

Guest Appearance: Zar, Sha, Trajah, Chaka, N'Jaga

Quote: “Better be careful, de Kraft. We don't want them to cut our throats while we sleep!”

-- Kivlin, page 5

Synopsis:Paul de Kraft and his partner Ed Kivlin head into the Congo jungle to search for the emeralds de Kraft hadto leave behind the last time he was in Africa (see Marvel Comics #1.)They lie to the native servants heading in with them about their destination, since they are all afraid of the "jungle god" that lives there. Kivlin and de Kraft both have ideas that they will kill the other oncethe mission is over, so they won't have to share the emeralds.

Zar and Chaka warn Ka-Zar that his "two-legged brothers" have returned and started mayhem in the jungle.He goes to investigate and a native fires a gun at him. Ka-Zar shoots an arrow into his heart, killing himdead. De Kraft starts beating the natives so they don't rebel, since they are all scared of the jungle god.Ka-Zar comes up close to the camp and notices "Fat-Face" de Kraft, the man he had sworn to kill!

He goes back to consult with Zar, and finds the whole animal kingdom ready to take on de Kraft and his men, but Ka-Zar warns them that their guns are very powerful, and tells them he will take care of them hisown way. Many animals, like N'JAga, the leopard, don't trust Ka-Zar, but allow him to try. He cases the campagain the next morning and sees the natives panning the stream for emeralds. He emits a loud roar and scares the natives into running away. De Kraft reacts by shooting some of the natives fortrying to flee. Later, Kivlin is searching the stream for emeralds when he spots Zar. He sizes the lion up in his rifle sight, but Ka-Zar jumps down from above and threatens his life. He tells Kivlin to takehis natives and leave!

(continued in Marvel Comics #5.)

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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Marvel Comics #1, Marvel Mystery Comics #2-4

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