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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Goliath, I've had it up to here with your harpin' about how long you've been an Avenger! What I wanna know is, where were you for those blasted months that the rest of us were keepin' the Avengers from bein' just a name in a history book?!

-- Hawkeye, page 6

Better looking than Bucky, yes....

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Avengers #36
January 1967 20 pages

Editor: Stan Lee Script: Roy Thomas
Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Don Heck Inks: Don Heck

Lineup: Captain America Goliath Hawkeye Wasp

Inactive Status: Quicksilver Scarlet Witch

Title: "The Ultroids Attack!

Villain: Ixar, the Ultroids, Ultrana (unnamed)

First Appearance: Ixar, the Ultroids, Ultrana, the Burgomeister (in flashback)

Guest Appearance: Black Widow

Cameo: The Burgomeister

Innovation: Transia

Gadgets & Technology: Absorbo-Net, Transferal Capsules, Ability Assimilator

Letters Page: Page One Page Two

House Ad: Page One

Synopsis: Captain America is shocked to see the Scarlet Witch, returned from Bavaria and seeking his help. She tells him the story of her last few weeks with her brother, Pietro, as they strove to regain their powers. As they prepared to return to America, they bid the town Burgomeister a fond farewell, but then a loud noise vibrated across the region. They went to inspect it and found that the origin of the noise was a flying saucer. Pietro ran inside the craft to check it out and became trapped inside. Wanda tried to cast her hex spells at the craft to help her brother, but it was no use. She could only return to the Avengers and seek their aid.

The team unites behind Wanda to help her save her brother- and their teammate- Quicksilver. Before they leave, however, an argument begins over Hawkeye asking if they can take the Black Widow along. Goliath notes that she is untrustworthy and he worries the Avengers are turning into a reformed super-villain club. A fight nearly breaks out over such testy words, but they put personal issues aside to help Wanda. Cap barks the order: they embark for Bavaria at once!

They head to Transia, the village in which Wanda and Pietro were born. As their jets near the UFO and its force shield, Wanda tells Cap to pull up so as not to hit it. He asks her if this is a new power of hers, to detect things with a "radar sense", and she agrees that it is a new power. They land and converge on the UFO. Try as they might, they cannot pierce the force shield. Wanda suggests they try to enter it via a system of caves she and her brother used to play in as children. Under the ground they go and they reach a point under the craft where there is no force field.

They enter the flying saucer and are amazed by the size of the chamber they walk into and all the futuristic technology inside. They stand before what appears to be a giant computer, and they see the town Burgomeister, seated in a chair with strange devices attached to his body. Suddenly, the voice of the computer, calling itself Ixar from the star-sun Sirius, speaks to them. It tells the Avengers they are here to steal the powers of earth's super-heroes so they can be used in an intergalactic war against his enemies. He reveals the first two super-beings he has captured, and there are Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, stuck inside large tubes and having their powers drained from them.

Cap looks over his shoulder at the Wanda that led them inside the flying saucer, and she slowly sheds her fake appearance to reveal herself as an android named Ultrana. Backing up Ultrana is an army of androids, and the battle begins between the Ultroids and the Avengers, as the alien robots attempt to steal their super-powers. After falling into the trap, the Avengers are split up and one-by-one are taken down. Cap is subdued by shock waves, Hawkeye has an Absorbo-Net tossed over him, the Wasp is shocked by a boobytrap, and Goliath blacks out after being struck by a ray gun. The only one left is the Black Widow, who wasn't targetted by the Ultroids and thus is able to sneak off into the shadows.

As Ultrana issue the order to seek the Black Widow out, Natasha has snuck down to the tubes that hold Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and knocks out the Ultroid that guards them. Cap has come to and joined her. Before they can try and free any of their comrades, Ixar sends out a team of Ultroids to back up the one Natasha knocked out. As Cap throws his shield at the tube holding Goliath- with no effect- they are fired at by the ray pistols of the Ultroids!

(continued in AVENGERS #37)

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

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