MARVEL MASTERWORKS: Some of the Marvel Masterworks are currently out of print. Here is a complete list:

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 7
Avengers Vol. 2
Avengers Vol. 3
Fantastic Four Vol. 7
Iron Man Vol. 1
Silver Surfer Vol. 1
Silver Surfer Vol. 2
Thor Vol. 2
X-Men Vol. 4
Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2
Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3
Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4

Marvel has begun to return these OOP editions of Masterworks back to print (aka BTP). The current plan calls for a new edition to be released each month. So far the BTP schedule looks like this:

• Fantastic Four Vol. 5 (September 19: BACK IN PRINT!)
• Fantastic Four Vol. 6 (October 12: BACK IN PRINT!)
• Fantastic Four Vol. 7 (November 21)
• Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 (December 26)
• Silver Surfer Vol. 1 (January 30)
• Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2 (February 20)

Each new month will carry a new BTP edition as long as this plan holds out. For discussion about the BTP program, visit the Message Board Forums.

Keep in mind that Tales of Wonder stocks deep in Masterworks, so even though a book might be out-of-print, they may still have it in stock long after other retailers are sold out...but even they don't have an infinite supply. When TOW gets low on inventory, they have begun raising the price from the initial sale discount to list price or above.